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Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements

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31 Commitments

Capital commitments
Capital expenditure contracted for at the balance sheet date but not yet incurred is as follows:
All figures in millions 2005 2004 2003
Property, plant and equipment 1 6 1
The Group leases various offices and warehouses under non-cancellable operating lease
agreements. The leases have varying terms and renewal rights. The Group also leases various
plant and equipment under operating lease agreements, also with varying terms. The lease
expenditure charged to the income statement during the year is disclosed in note 5.

The future aggregate minimum lease payments in respect of operating leases are as follows:
All figures in millions 2005 2004 2003
Not later than one year 129 117 123
Later than one year and not later than five years 397 353 375
Later than five years 869 584 529
Total 1,395 1,054 1,027

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